Excerpt from book

From Chapter 1:

The Bushmen were now plainly terrified and began to ‘lose’ the spoor with such frequency that Rudy, who was a skilled tracker himself, lost his patience with them and sent them back to the vehicle while he continued on his own, picking his way carefully around the formidable clumps of sickle-bush. Presently he came upon yet another fence, and although the prints were now so fresh that he could even see crushed grass stems starting to stand up again in them, he decided that without capture equipment, there was no point in getting any closer.  They could begin again early the following day.  He turned and started back for his vehicle which was some distance away.  Almost immediately he saw something that made his heart skip a beat.  There, on top of his own boot prints, were the pugmarks of the lion – following him.  The lion had circled back and come up behind him only minutes before.

At this moment, certain thoughts which had been lying undisturbed in the back of Rudy’s mind were suddenly projected to the forefront.  These included that he was alone and unarmed, that the safety of the bakkie was several hundred metres away and that should he be attacked, he could count upon one certainty – the Bushmen would run away.

He stood still, and scanned the surrounding veld with his bush-trained eyes, but could see nothing.  No tawny forms or blazing amber eyes.  This was no reason to feel secure, for he well knew that a lion can appear – or vanish – like a phantom.  With the hair on the back of his neck crawling as negative thoughts crowded in on him, it seemed to take forever to make his way back to the bakkie.


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