About the Authors

African wildlife lions sanctuary

Bev with a rehab jackal buzzard

wildlife lion sanctuary

Chris in the Baviaanskloof

Chris Mercer and Bev Pervan have a long history of working with wildlife and campaigning for animal welfare, going back nearly fourteen years when they established the Kalahari Raptor Centre.  Thereafter they focussed on canned hunting: see http://www.cannedlion.org/content/about-us

See Chris’s profile on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=14596551&trk=tab_pro

Check out the posts on Wildlife Matters  http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Wildlife-Matters-3376836?mostPopular=&gid=3376836


2 Comments on “About the Authors”

  1. Rony Cambell says:

    I was told by a friend in South Africa to download “For the Love of Wildlife” via my newly purchased Kindle.

    I loved the book. Found it very sad – but then working with wildlife doesn’t always bring happy stories.

    I’ve since googled Harnas and the family and it’s so sad that Nico has also passed away.

    I was pleased to see that Marlice has found happiness on her own sanctuary.

    It’s thanks to people like you and the van der Merwes and Laurence Anthony and all the others whose names I’ve forgotten, that there are still animals around.

    Thank you for the amazing book.

    • cannedlion says:

      Hi Rony
      Thanks for taking the time to look behind the book and to post your comments. So glad you enjoyed the book; yes there are many sad parts but that is the problem with the truth. Hollywood endings one seldom gets. And there were lots of laughs too don’t you think.
      Please won’t you tell friends on your social network about the book. The money for the book goes to the Campaign Against Canned Hunting.

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