For the love of wildlife

For the love of wildlife book coverAn authentic description of wildlife rehab work in the Kalahari – warts and all!

BBC Wildlife Magazine

ONLY $6.99 on Amazon

This is the true story of one farming family’s efforts to rescue wild animals in the harsh wilds of Namibia.   An uplifting saga of extraordinary rescues, of success and failure, of triumph and tragedy, this book will make you laugh and cry in equal measure.  You will learn a great deal about African wildlife.  Also how to establish a wildlife rehab centre – and not what to do.  How rough and ready African solutions can surprisingly succeed even in the most unlikely situations.  As the book reviewer wrote in BBC Wildlife Magazine : Here is the real thing – warts and all.

Check out the photos on the Photo Gallery.

Now available in electronic format for download from the Kindle Store at for only US$6.99

Why only $6.99 for such a great book?   Because every animal lover needs to read this book.

Where does the money go?   Not on fancy wheels; the boodle goes to the Campaign Against Canned Hunting.  Click the CACH button on the right.

Only $6.99 on Amazon

South Africans can order the book in hard copy direct from the authors for SAR150 plus postage at


One Comment on “For the love of wildlife”

  1. cannedlion says:

    If you enjoyed this book you can order the sequel Kalahari Dream in hard copy direct from the authors or download the e-version from Amazon Kindle or Smashwords. See

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